Located in the heart of urban Honolulu in the historic Laniakea building, Myron B.Thompson Academy is a continuously evolving New Century public charter school. The accelerated curriculum combines blended and interactive virtual instruction. Our students are a diverse, eclectic mix of bright, self-motivated and interesting young people. They reside on all major Hawaiian Islands.










The MBTA high school is entering its next exciting phase of redesign!




Course work continues to be accelerated. Upper grade students will have the opportunity to specialize in the area of Environmental, Biomedical or Computer Science and activate achievable plans for the future.





  • Complete all CORE CLASSES by the end of grade 11

  • Work efficiently and manage time wisely





  • Enter Environmental Science, Biomedical Science or Computer Science Institutes at the end of junior year. Work exclusively in the Institute senior year
    • Field Study AND Mini Internships

  • Present research thesis and results to a formal panel





  • Culminate the high school experience with proficiency in analytical and critical thinking, oral and written communication, information, media and technology literary, collaboration

  • Enter the future confidently with marketable knowledge and skills.


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"This school will definitely push you to work your hardest and to give 110% on all assignments, tests and products."

"MBTA gives students more opportunities to work on group activities and projects. You also gain a fuller understanding of computer use and knowledge, which is the future." "

"MBTA offers a good learning environment and a challenging curriculum. You will also grow in self-discipline in the fast-paced educational programs."

"Teachers respond immediately during the school day. If they see your email at night or over the weekend, they might even respond then!!!"

"The teachers are AWESOME and always willing to help. But wait, there’s more! Your mistakes are seen as valuable aspects of learning, and you are given the chance to improve."

"MTA will help your gears to turn faster. It’s a great school that will prepare you for college or to achieve your desired future."