Girls Go CyberStart Competition

MBTA High School Girls Advance to 2019 National Championship for Girls Go CyberStart


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At the end of Round 1 of the Girls Go CyberStart competition, MBTA ranked second in the state of Hawaii for participation--53 of our girls participated---and we received the $750 prize.


Round 2 of the Girls Go CyberStart competition began on April 22nd. That round consisted of hundreds of cybersecurity challenges of increasing difficulty level, and boys were also invited to participate. Schools had until May 15th to complete as many challenges as possible. Only the top-scoring schools in each state would receive invitations to advance to the 3rd and final round, the national championship.


At the May 15th cutoff date, twenty MBTA high school students had completed 20% or more of all of the challenges, and five students exceeded 50% or more. Getting this far was no easy feat, as it required endless hours of research, experimenting, and critical thinking.


This morning, on May 21st, MBTA was notified by email that our school was one of the top in Hawaii for round 2 (our exact ranking was not disclosed) and that we were invited to participate in the national championship that runs from June 5th to 7th.


This achievement was a collective effort and all of the participating students deserve praise for their hard work and dedication, especially the following twenty:

  • Kaya Akana
  • Kashalia Bellord
  • Max Darrow
  • Aina Endo
  • Mia Haff
  • Leilani Hansen
  • Shane Hirano
  • Charles Hughes
  • Jones Hughes
  • Isabela Hutter
  • Jonathan Kirk
  • Kyla Lee
  • Brennen MacMillan
  • Kaitlyn Maluo
  • Alycea Mechergui
  • Jordan Mokuahi
  • Chundari Nishiki
  • Kaelin Pahia
  • Shelby Sibert
  • Reina Takahara


MBTA will only be allowed to choose four girls to represent our school in the national championship. Those four girls, the top scorers in Round 2, have already been selected:

  • Aina Endo
  • Kyla Lee
  • Shelby Sibert
  • Reina Takahara


Congratulations to them and to everyone else who participated. Let's cheer for our top girls and wish them the best of luck in the upcoming national championship! Go MBTA!