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About TEA Programs

Myron B. Thompson Academy (MBTA) is an online-hybrid accredited public charter school which established the Thompson Extension Academy (TEA) in 2007, in partnership with the Hawai`i Virtual Learning Network (HVLN), as a program to provide online courses to the students of Hawai`i.
During the regular school year, Thompson Extension Academy (TEA) offers a limited selection of MBTA’s online courses to students registered at other Hawai'i DOE or Public Charter schools.
In 2008, Thompson Extension Academy debuted an online summer program which welcomed students from Private, DOE, and Public Charter schools throughout Hawai`i. After the success of the first summer program, the extension school has hosted a summer program each year since. Summer School Program updates are posted to the MBTA website in the Spring around the ending of February.

Please take the time to read through the FAQs. This may assist you in your decision to participate in Myron B. Thompson Academy’s TEA Program.
Please email me directly with any questions or concerns regarding TEA and MBTA’s Summer Program.


In order to participate in our TEA Program, you must appoint a faculty/staff member at your school to be a TEA Site Facilitator and complete the annual TEA Site Facilitator Application & Agreement Form. Once registered as a participating school, the TEA Site Facilitator may begin to register students via these forms:
Step 1 - Thompson Extension Academy (TEA) - Student Registration Form
Step 2 - Thompson Extension Academy (TEA) - Course Enrollment Form
Other Forms:
Thompson Extension Academy (TEA) - Course Drop Form

Mahalo for your interest in Thompson Extension Academy!

Brandi Hyden, TEA Director